Interview: Vaibhav Namburi, Founder of SmartWriter on email deliverability with personalisation

Vaibhav from Smarwriter

Vaibhav Namburi is a passionate entrepreneur, product owner, and programmer. He is also an international speaker and has addressed close to 50 events till now. Vaibhav, based in Sydney, founded Smartwriter an AI-based personalization tool just a few months back (April 2021) and the tool has already seen big success because of its unique features.

We at Postbox Consultancy Services have personally seen Smartwriter’s capabilities and are currently working with clients who are using it and getting up to 60% cold email open rates.

Earlier we published a review of Smartwriter which gives insights into Smartwriter’s personalization features. Please see the article here.

We recently got a chance to interview Vaibhav and ask him a few questions about Smartwriter and his tips to achieve email deliverability. Please see this exclusive interview with Vaibhav.

Postbox Services: Vaibhav, Smartwriter is quite a unique and very useful product for cold email marketers. Could you tell us how you came up with the product idea initially?

Vaibhav: We did a lot of cold outreach to grow our own agency to a multi-seven-figure business as well as our previous SaaS. We had a system in place and as programmers, you naturally start thinking of ways to automate things so we basically made an app out of a system we already had.

Postbox Services: How do you see the product evolving in the future with AI. What are some of the other features/integrations which you plan to implement?

Vaibhav: We’ve got so much in the pipeline, I would love to share it all but I want to keep it a surprise to our customers. Ideally, we plan on becoming the ultimate personalization endpoint for customers to come and create extremely unique and targeted messages to send to their prospects so they can close deals and make $. This includes advanced AI models, video personalization and much more

Postbox Services: What are some of your tips to cold emailers/lead generation agencies in terms of tools and processes to improve the conversions.

Vaibhav: Warm up your domains, use multiple domains to send emails, don’t send more than 100 per day on semi-new accounts, have only a singular call to action, don’t try to sell – instead try to get them on a call, focus heavily on the offer and of course personalise your first email as well as your follow up emails

Postbox Services: Recently we have seen many email warmup tools launched in the market. We find our clients have mixed reactions – some find these quite effective while others don’t. What’s your take on such tools?

Vaibhav: I prefer warmup tools from companies that already have an email sending element, this means that the domains of those people are aged, have different ages and authority, making it very natural vs using an email warmer only service where most likely all the emails in that network are the same age, authority and actually have 0 to no human activity. So yes the “quality” of the email service will 100% matter

Postbox Services: You are a very passionate entrepreneur and product owner. Please tell us a bit about your team, your company Five2One and some of the fun stuff you guys do.

Vaibhav: We’re a fully distributed team (thanks covid), filled with product engineers and growth-focused engineers, our focus is always to build the next unicorn either for ourselves or our customers with projects spanning across fintech, blockchain, AI, marketplaces, and many more.

Postbox Services: Thanks Vaibhav for taking out time to talk to us. We wish you and the whole Smartwriter team good luck.

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