Cold-Emails (2)

Category: Cold-Emails

Cold email definition:

Cold email is an email which you send to a business prospect who does not have any prior relationship with you and has not opted-in to receive the email in the first place.

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Category: Cold-Emails

Cold email is the first step in your email marketing funnel where you try to check the interest or generate interest in a business prospect. Through cold emails you try to warm up the cold prospects and turn them to warm or qualified leads.

A complete step by step cold email guide is here.

Email Deliverability (2)

An email deliverability consultant is a person who looks after health of your email marketing campaigns and take all active/reactive measures to ensure you get best possible inbox rates.

A good email deliverability consultant can ensure that your ESP configuration, domain’s DNS records, content, data management practices are all correctly setup and properly tuned as per industry best practices.

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Email Deliverability is defined as percentage of emails which are meaningfully landing in the inbox of your recipients and not their spam. There are many factors which effect email deliverability like IP/domain reputation, level of subscribers engagement, email content etc. There is no way to measure actual deliverability but your email marketing campaign’s open rates, click rates, conversion rates can give you some indication of your email deliverability.

Email Service Provider (ESP) (1)

Steps to select best email service provider

What is an ESP

An Email service provider (ESP) is a tool/platform that allows its users to send marketing emails at scale. Some times the term (ESP) is also used to refer to the company that provides these tools. Some examples are Mailchimp, Sendgrid, Mailgun and Omnisend.

What is an ISP

ISP stands for Internet Service Provider but in terms of email marketing ISP refers to the major email box providers: Yahoo/AOL, Microsoft(Hotmail,Outlook), Google(Gmail), Comcast, etc.

Which is the best email service provider?

Often people ask which is the best email service provider (ESP) in the market. To be honest all well known service providers manage their email servers and IPs with utmost care and all of them are equally good with only minor differences.

If you need to pick a new ESP you can follow the below approach:

  • Find out which ESPs provide all of the functionality you need for your case (integration, inbuilt workflows, reporting and analytics, etc)
  • Which ESPs fits in your budget for the required monthly email volume
  • Check their customer reviews

Once you have finalized 2-3 ESPs which meet your requirements – sign up a free trial with them and see how well they fit in your case. You may also run some spam/deliverability tests and then pick up the one which you find best.

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IP Warmup (2)

Category: IP Warmup

How is IP warmup defined?

IP warmup or IP warming is the process of enabling an IP address to send required email volume. This is done by sending emails gradually over several weeks and months to highly engaged subscribers from the IP address in question.

Category: IP Warmup

When an IP is properly warmed it builds a good sending reputation with email box providers (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook etc) and they are not suspicious of the IP address and do not rate limit when the IP sends high volume emails. Properly warmed IP addresses give better inbox rates.