What is an email deliverability audit

Email Deliverability Audit


Email deliverability audit

Email Deliverability is defined as percentage of emails which are meaningfully landing in the inbox of your recipients and not their spam.
Poor email deliverability is a very common problem which most of us who are in email marketing face. Deliverability issues are not limited to scenarios where the emails are sent in bulk but they occur even in cases of transactional emails and personal emails.  But the term Email Deliverability Audit is not very well known. 

When someone face deliverability issues, most of the time he thinks of the technical configurations like SPF and DKIM which might be wrong or he thinks of IP blacklisting.  What he does not realise that there can be tons of factors which may be impacting his email deliverability. 

With continuously evolving algorithms of email providers like Gmail we can not say for sure what all parameters these algorithms consider to determine the placement of an email. But to fix the deliverability issues its best to look as many aspects of your emailing as possible. And that is the reason you need some expert help.

The email deliverability auditor actually goes and understand the whole flow of your platform and looks in to all nitty gritty of your emails. He tries to analyse all scenarios where your email may be caught by spam filters.

Some of the aspects included in the email deliverability audit are:

  • Inbox Placement Review with Seed List Testing
  • IP and Domain/Sub-Domain Reputation Review
  • Email Authentication (SPF, DKIM, DMARC) Review
  • Content Review – spaminess, language, design of template, images, links etc
  • Service Provider Setup Review – Domain white-listing
  • Data Management Review – Unsubscribe, Feedback Loops, Bounce Handling, List Quality
  • Review of your campaign management practices
  • Seed list testing

At Postbox Consultancy Services we conduct a through audit on your system and compile all findings in a PDF. The report is shared with you and then we walk you through the report and help you understand the issues which are impacting the deliverability. The report also includes short and long term next steps, tools recommendations and it will work as a deliverability bible for your email marketing team for many years to come.

In case you are facing some deliverability issues in your emailing and need some help, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line and we will get back to you. Our audits have helped number of number clients till now to get better insights in to their emailing and we have helped them to improve significantly.

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Sandeep Saxena is CEO at Postbox Consultancy Services. He is working as an email marketing and deliverability consultant for last 5 years. Before venturing in to Postbox Consultancy Services, Sandeep worked in to IT industry for close to 10 years as a DevOps consultant. Sandeep is based in Bhopal, India and when not working he is often seen reading a book or doing meditation.