How to Shift Your Email Marketing Message During Difficult Times

Author : Kelly Lamano

Email Marketing During Difficult Times of Pandemic

Business owners experienced a significant shift in operations and email marketing messages with COVID-19. Now’s the time to update your email copy to connect with your audience, meeting them where they are during this time.

Revisit Automated Emails

It’s easy to set and forget automated emails. Review existing templates to update your email copy, the imagery, and the “from” email address and “reply to” email addresses.

Welcome emails

Your audience expects to receive a confirmation email right after signing up for your list, so this is a great time to revamp how you’re welcoming new subscribers. Say hello, re-introduce yourself and/or your business. Offer new subscribers guidance, a relevant blog post, or a supportive message in your welcome email.

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Follow-up emails

Tone down sales tones and focus on writing in an understanding tone. In any form of email automation, your emails should sound like they’re coming from a human rather than a computer.

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“From” and “Reply to” email addresses

Update the “from” and “reply to” email addresses in your email sequences, if needed, to an address that aligns with your business, such as “info@” “hello@” or “emails@.” Avoid using “sales@” unless your company specialises in transactions.

Unsubscribe emails

Make sure your audience can opt out of emails with one click. Requiring subscribers to log in or re-type their email address to opt out can cause frustration, which can hurt your sending reputation later down the road. Some companies are proactively offering a temporary unsubscribe so subscribers can reduce the number of emails in their inbox.

Ask for Your Subscribers’ Opinions

Whether you pose a question as simple as “What do you want to see next?” or something more detailed with a form for them to fill out, ask your audience. What do they want more of? Less of? What do they need right now? How can you help them? Opening up the floor for your audience to provide feedback can improve and maintain your relationship with subscribers.

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Think Before Sending

Consider the “why” – why are you sending this email? Is it meaningful? Should you wait to send it at a different time? Subscribers are being inundated with more emails now than ever. Make sure your email marketing message matters so that you’re sending a thoughtful message to the right audience at the appropriate time.

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Be Helpful

Offer resources to your audience. Send them links to helpful blog posts, consider putting together a work from home kit for them if it aligns with your brand, and share fun activities they can try at home.

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Marketers are breaking down traditional walls to keep their audiences engaged with less asks and more creative information.

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Also consider partnering with other companies to promote new products, announce a new service, or give them a shout-out.

For example, Big Machine Label Group started sending emails with a quarantine playlist featuring the label’s artists. They now include printable coloring pages and stencils as a free, stay-at-home activity, plus, their distillery crafts sanitizer. These emails present valuable, creative information that engages their audience.

Big Machine Distillery Hand Sanitizer

If you need some inspiration for shifting your email marketing messages, check out this regularly updated list of marketing copy in response to COVID-19.

Test Everything Before Going Live

Test your emails for tone, design, and deliverability with any new email marketing message or strategy. Testing your emails can help ensure you maintain a positive relationship with your customers, especially during times like these.

If you need help with your email campaigns or email deliverability, we’re here for you at Postbox Consultancy Services. Contact us today and we’ll be happy to help.

Kelly is a freelance content creator in sunny Orlando, FL with a knack for details. She fell in love with emails after spending five years as the sole email marketing and subscriptions specialist with a digital publishing company. Kelly loves expanding her knowledge, sharing people's stories in person, on paper, and behind the lens. When she's not diving into multimedia projects, she plays a mean guitar at open mic and explores nature trails.